Ancient sex alertness

Sex Krome Asiteche-Y2K-Bengali Film-Full Movie-

Sex Krome Asiteche-Y2K-Bengali Film-Full Movie-



Ancient sex alertness

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A SERIES OF ESSAY on analytical study on the history of sexuality , evolution of sex ,philosophy , politics and gender study. Published periodically in  , the popularmost bengali webportal.

ADIPARBO - Sex and sexuality in the  pre historic and ancient ageEdit

Adiparbo - 1Edit

consists of -

1. The Islamic (Sufist) perception about Sex and creation of life and world according to  LALAN FAKIR

2.How pronography interprets the perception of Sex and Sexuality

3 Kokashastro , kamasutra and famous  Khajuraho myth.

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Adiparbo -2Edit

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The second part of the periodically published essay deals with a wonderful hypotheses on the evolution of sexuality or sex consciousness , i.e how sexuality was derived from the primordial instinctive human activity called act of sexual reproduction - the prehistoric journey of sex to sexuality

Parbo -3Edit

The 3rd part of the essay questions about a prime human nature , that is boredom in sexual life and tries to find the answer in politics of sex with respect to the contemporary world

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Written by Kaushik Bandyopadhyay alias Sridhar Goswami (pen name) in Bengali

Parbo -4 Edit

The 4th part of the essay talks about relationship of Politics and sex

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