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Pather Debota is a series of essay based on ethnographical studies on geography,political and social history,environmental science,philosophy,art and literature of ancient and medieval India.One of the essays named HASTIPURAN deals with an astonishing ethnological research on the habitat of wild Indian elephants in the Gondwana region,that is the central Indian highland[1]

Pather Debota is a series of essays written in a ethnographical approach towards the political and religious history,mythology,Geographical studies,Archeology,philosophy,Literature,flora and fauna of ancient and mediaval India. Written in a lucid travalogue format the series deals with a drastic variety of subjects that varry in each and every individual essay.Though there is a commonness in approach that has knitted them together. The essays published in several online magazines and in print and paper earned popularity from the very begining. Some of the essays are -1 পথের দেবতা, প্রথম পর্ব - 'ঘুম ভাঙার গান' (The journey through India revisits it's glorious pasts and presents) link :

2'পথের দেবতা', দ্বিতীয় পর্ব - 'ভারতবর্ষের হৃদয়' (The Gond tribes of Kanha still tells many underline stories of the heart of India) link:

3.পথের দেবতা 3 - Hastipuranlink : elephant route - an ethnological travel through ancient Gondwana - the High land of Central India Once upon a time, Kanha & Satpura region, now famous as Tiger reserve, was ruled by Elephants.)

The 4 th and 5th part of the series PATHER DEBOTA explores 2 different faces of Indian history and culture.Edit

Pather Debota 4 - Rajkahini -

Pather Debota 5 - Agamoni -

The 6th part of the series Pather Debota evokes an universal philosophical question

পথের দেবতা -৬


The part 7 deals with the element of ancient  Zen philosophy called DETACHMENT

পথের  দেবতা ৭

পাহাড়চূড়োর দেশে

Pather Debota -8 rediscovers the history of Baranagar , the Little Europe. It also draws attention to the life and work of Abanindranath Tagore the legendery Indian painter and writer.

Pather debota - 9 The flying carpet lands in Naisapur , the land of Omar Khhayam...

Pather Debota 11 - Jharkhand feudalism and fairytale

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